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ipf develops customized Transport & Storage Systems for the Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer. We supply complete solutions in the folowing areas Curing Racks, Foam Crane, Lifting Tables and carts, Conveyors, Measuring & Printing systems for Foam

Curing Raks

Foam Racks, specially designed to allow a perfect block handling for the increase of the productivity and the cost reduction.Rack System designed specifically to the needs of the foam from our...

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Lifting Table for polyurethane foam

System for transport and positioning of polyurethane foam blocks, ensuring the quality of the foam during the process. Fresh blocks will not suffer any damage or bending due to inclination changes.

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Foam crane

Foam Crane system equipped with the latest technologies and specially designed for fresh or cured foam blocks and for different block lengths. Ipf offers a foam handling system that can be operated...

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Storage Control System

Automatic control system offers you the management of every block’s specifications by a single database and the complete control of each block and its data from foaming process to cutting lines.

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Specially designed for blocks cross transport. Useful for: Short blocks Beginning and end block pieces right after foaming. Test blocks for laboratory

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Foam Measuring, Weighing & Printing

Click to enlarge Automatic system for Polyurethane Foam Blocks measuring, weighing and printing. ipf has developed an automatic measuring, weighing and printing system for Foam Blocks which eases...

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Foam Conveyor for Polyurethan blocks

Floor transportation system specially designed for the different types of foam. The conveyors designed by ipf, are specially designed for the foam transportation taking into account the characteristics...

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