IPF Factory Engineering

We use our proprietary software to create different layout scenarios and choose together which suits better your needs in terms of process flow, production needs, market response and future needs. IPF Configurator is the tool you need to get the best layout for your new installation. From the process beginning with Tank Farm till the end of the production process at the dispatching area required space and equipment will be analysed and defined to fulfil your goals.


Tank Farm design is carried out by accomplishing safety standards and re- gulations. Raw materials proper handling and storage is essential for a safety factory, and especially relevant in the PU foam manufacturing and converting processes.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) regulations needs to be considered since factory design stage and our experience in this field will help you to define your foam manufacturing facilities in terms of prevention, protection, control and remediation.

We keep on working to offer you the most advanced solutions for your polyurethane foam production plant.