Designed to connect your factory.

MYFOAMPLANT is designed to connect your factory and understand how your process is performing. We connect relevant data sources (foaming machine, raw materials, handling systems, cutting machines, mattress assembly, etc..) and correlate all process data to run quality and efficiency analysis to optimize, control and ultimately, maximize savings in your process. We deploy a local architecture with big data analysis either on premise and/or cloud. In addition to existing factory data we help you to control your process adding relevant information thanks to IPF ́s proprietary sensors for the foam process.

Offers factory information to make your improve your foam process.

MYFOAMPLANT offers factory information to make you improve your foam process.

  • You can check in real time the status of your machines and process with relevant machine and process information
  • Analyze your process and product in terms of efficiency and quality with the tools included.
  • Manage your production information
  • Process data streaming for optimizing in real time your operations.
  • In addition with the existing factory data, IPF provides different sensors to understand better your foam manufacturing process.

Sensors for foam.

TEMPERATURE: Temperature Supervisor.

Complete solution of wireless temperature probes to verify and analyze block curing temperature. System is connected in real time to each probe and you can track and trace any temperature event during the block curing.

SHAPE: BlockScanner.

Leader in foam block measurement, IPF designs scanners and measurement process to optimize and create savings in the foaming and cutting processes. We offer robust, reliable scanners, working in all environments.


For every block weight need, IPF has a solution. From static short block weighing to long block static and dynamic weighing. Depending on your process and needs, we have a solution for you.