IPF – Ingenieria del Poliuretano Flexible offers solutions according to the production capacity of a foam factory

The beginning of a new project is a difficult but exciting process in the polyurethane sector. In IPF - Ingeniería del Poliuretano Flexible, during the quotation process, we always study in depth the real needs of our customers, defining the most appropriate foam factory layout for each one of them.

The goal for this design stage is always the same: offer our customers the best solution in terms of equipment, cycle time and space distribution at site.

To get it, IPF needs to know the desired production capacity for the factory and the expansion plans in the medium and long term, as well as the geographical area where the factory is placed. IPF built foam manufacturing factories all over the world according to the specific needs of each location.

IPF installations are always thought with a modular concept in order to give our clients the possibility of a consistent future enlargement of the factory and its production capacity.

IPF, engineering at efficient production service

IPF developed different standard solutions based on the requested production capacity of the foam factory, which is usually measured in Tons of foam per year.

1.- Factories producing up to 5.000 Tons/year

When we face the project of a new foam factory with a medium-low initial production capacity we recommend our customers to start the factory running based on an Automatic Travelling Crane system.

IPF cranes are specifically designed to move fresh foam. Fresh foam handling process is fragile and it must be considered from the design stage in order to give our clients the best equipment to minimize damages in the flexible foam when blocks are picked up by the Crane.

Working synchronized with the foaming machine, IPF cranes are able to handle the fresh foam blocks accomplishing with the available foaming cycle time by adjusting equipment working speeds.


Automatic Travelling Crane systems for flexible polyurethane are able to offer foam manufacturers a high level solution for foam curing and storage, considering also the restrained level of investment requested for a new factory with a medium-low production capacity.

Starting with a low production level can be only the first step of a bigger project. This is why IPF installations are always designed considering possible future expansions and production increase.

2.- Factories producing more than 5.000 Tons/year

When the project IPF team faces is a foam factory enlargement or a new factory development with a high production level, our recommendation is to go for a more complex installation including two separate systems: Automatic Curing System and Automatic Storage System of for Polyurethane Foam.

Automatic Curing System includes a set of racks where polyurethane foam blocks will be temporarily stored while curing process is ongoing (24-48h).

These racks will be loaded and unloaded by means of a Lifting Table which always works synchronized with the foaming line.

Racks are also based on IPF modular concept to allow possible future enlargements of the system if factory production capacity grows.

Once the foam is cured, the blocks are transferred to the Automatic Storage Area where the travelling crane will be in charge of piling the blocks for their storage till requested by the cutting lines at site.

Flexible polyurethane foam manufacturing should be planned from initial needs taking into account potential future growth of the market.

IPF offers different solutions for automatic handling systems of foam to get the most appropriate design of a foam factory.

We are proud of supporting our clients to success and we work to make the engineering of the polyurethane industry more and more efficient and efficient.

IPF, engineering to offer effective solutions to the flexible polyurethane industry.