IPF, a benchmark in innovation, according to the UTECH-POLYURETHANE digital magazine.

Our General Manager, Angel Viñas, is the subject of an interview in 2017 last edition of the digital magazine UTECH-POLYURETHANE.

IPF revolutionizes the market with an innovative system to eliminate the black arts in the manufacturing process of polyurethane foam. "IPF has a Brain to help banish the black arts" is the title of the interview, where the origin, bases and advantages of MyFoamPlant platform for polyurethane foam manufacturers are explained. Simon Robison, well-known journalist in the PU sector, summarizes his conversation with IPF General Manager in an interesting article where he analyses and highlights the benefits of this new system for the optimization of processes in a flexible polyurethane plant.

MyFoamPlant was created by IPF, result of the R&D activity of the IPF team during the last 3-4 years, there are already several solutions running in different foam factories.

MyFoamPlant is a data capture and software system that can save money to flexible polyurethane foamers and increase the efficiency of their process. IPF works with the goal of making the continuous flexible foam industry more profitable, as well as understanding how a good quality foam block can be manufactured with the best possible cutting yield, under any circumstances, without the black arts.

If you are interested in more information you can read the complete article clicking this link: http://utech-polyurethane.com/information/ipf-has-a-brain-to-help-banish-the-black-arts/