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The Factory Engineering process allows us to propose the best configuration of the curing process.

Our curing rack system ensures optimal ventilation for all types of foam blocks, while also accommodating sprinkler installations for enhanced fire safety and maximum security.
The curing process plays a critical role in determining foam quality by stabilizing its technical properties, optimizing raw material usage, and shaping the final product. Inadequate curing can result in unnecessary material wastage.
Our modular concept guarantees worry-free future expansion. You can effortlessly expand your curing capacity without interrupting your foam production operations, ensuring continuous growth and efficiency for your facility

We always propose an expandable modular concept.
You will be able to increase your curing capacity without stopping your foaming operation.

The installation runs in automatic mode, in perfect synchronisation with the rest of the equipment of the factory. Our lifting table moves the blocks in and out of the racks. This type of gantry allows fresh foam handling without any inclination and bending in the block that could damage the foam. It is designed for outdoors and indoors running.

FOAMledge is your data solution, collecting and providing valuable insights related to your fresh and cured blocks. With FOAMledge, you gain full control, effective management, and the ability to optimize your performance.

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