IPF offers two different types of cranes according to the length of the block to be handled:

Bi-supported Travelling Cranes. The best solution up to 35m long blocks. Supported by the building columns this crane can be installed in a quite simple building from a structural point of view.
Under-hung Travelling Cranes. The right solution for longer blocks. This kind of cranes requires a stronger building as the crane will hang from the roof of the building but are adequate for bigger building spans.
Both types of Cranes are equipped with clamps to grip fresh or cured foam blocks, according to customer needs.

Block storage is the vital hub of your converting department. To eliminate coordination hiccups with cranes or downtime due to breakdowns, we integrate essential technologies to enhance block storage performance, minimizing downtime to zero.

Preserve Block Integrity: Achieve precise 3D positioning, effective block constraint management, and adjustable pressure control, ensuring zero damage to your blocks.

Rapid Deployment: Our automation streamlines operations with pre-programmed movements, an anti-sway system, and swift, accurate motions, guaranteeing minimal downtime.

In-Depth Insights: Gain real-time stock tracking, detailed statistics, and proactive alerts for efficient maintenance planning.

Minimal Maintenance: Experience reduced equipment and building vibrations, and enjoy the extended lifespan of moving parts, including wire rope

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