We are specialists in providing foam block transport systems designed for handling both short and long foam blocks. Our conveyors are tailored to accommodate all foam types, ensuring optimal efficiency and seamless synchronization with the rest of your factory equipment.

Blocks of different foam types and different dimensions are transferred around the factory continuously and we will offer you the right solution for each situation. Our wide experience in foam plant designs and foam handling systems guarantees the most appropriate solution for foam blocks’ transport.

We are prepared to face all your challenges with a complete range of product to move safely and quickly your foam at all stages of the process, from the cut-off to the cutting machines:

Free or driven rollers conveyor
Belt conveyors to fit any type of foam (Conventional, HR, visco foam etc.)
Pop-Up Conveyor: cross transport unit to allow changing short block moving direction 90 degrees.
Shuttle / Cart conveyor: mobile conveyor over rails placed on the floor
Lifting Conveyors with different specifications to feed curing racks or move foam blocks at different height levels within the factory

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